6 Study material

6.1 Online tutorial

The course will utilize material from the online book (beta version) Orchestrating Microbiome Analysis with R/Bioconductor (OMA).

We encourage to familiarize with the material and test examples already before the course.

6.2 Lecture slides


6.4 Extra material on miaverse and R programming


In this course, we will analyze HintikkaXOData. In this rat study, it was analyzed whether fats and prebiotics affects the microbiome.

The data consist of 4 groups:

- High-fat diet without prebiotics
- High-fat diet with prebiotics
- Low-fat diet without prebiotics
- Low-fat diet with prebiotics

You can find the data from here.

Tuomas Borman, and Leo Lahti. 2022. Multi-Omic Data Science with r/Bioconductor. microbiome.github.io.